Konfidentiell Factory | manifesto
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/ our dna /

art, fashion and music are in our dna.

we believe in ideas and experiences that inspire real-world actions. the stories we share are always stories that move people to act, to see things differently, to spread the word, to engage in creation.

we believe in the power of creativity – its ability to engage and inspire people everywhere.

/ our philosophy /

success does not happen by chance. it requires a lot of dedication, hard-work and belief. as an agency, we have made a commitment to work twice as hard as the next one, to always think differently and outside the box in order to break new grounds.

sometimes we say “no” – not because we do not believe in the project but because we believe that it can be improved.

what is your next step ?

/ our work /

we want to help you share your work. we want to inspire others to create. so we started this agency. an agency that looks after the best interest of people as artists, creators, entrepreneurs … but first of all, as human being. we share our experience that you can use and pass on. we empower people to get outside and create. we develop new ways for our clients to connect with people in memorable ways.

/ our values /

we believe that you are only as good as your team. if we represent you, you represent us. you can only receive if you know how to give, you can only enjoy if you know how to share – for these reasons, we donate and create partnership between us, our clients, organizations and charities that we think matters.